The SQ are the antagonists in the series, trying to break history, even though they believe they are doing good. They are enemies of the Hystorians who are trying to fix history. They are currently lead by Tilda, also known as The Lady in Red. Their name origins from the sentence in latin In statu quo res erant ante bellum or "the state in which things were before the war". After being defeated in The Iron Empire, the society chenges name to AB, ane bellum. SQ members who look for time travelers are called Time Wardens.

Confirmed members

1st Break (A Mutiny in Time)

2nd Break (The King of Diamonds)

3rd Break (Divide and Conquer)

4th Break (Revenge of the Redcoats)

  • Disguised redcoat
  • Redcoats

5th Break (The Trap Door)

6th Break (The Way of the Warrior)

  • Ninja master
  • Ninja assasins

7th Break (Curse of the Ancients)

8th Break (Sleeping Dragon)

  • Manxhu general
  • Manchu army

9th Break (Cave of Wonders)

10th Break (The Lost Expedition)

  • Louis and Clark's kidnapper
  • Jailer
  • Inhabitants of Louisiana

11th Break (Behind Enemy Lines)

12th Break (Hidden Treasures)

13th Break (The Iron Empire)

Other/Multiple Apperances

  • Tilda aka The Lady in Red
  • Mysterious bald man
  • Dak clones from other universes
  • Sera clones from other universes