Riq Jones
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 16

Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Appears In A Mutiny in Time

Divide and Conquer The Trap Door Curse of the Ancients Cave of Wonders Behind Enemy Lines The Iron Empire Eternity

Affiliation Hystorian
Riq Jones is a 16-year old Hystorian, who is a prodigy in languages. He can read, write, and speak 16 languages in all. He's also an expert in The Art Of Memory puzzle, as he was trained in it. Riq was sent with Dak Smyth and Sera Froste to travel back in time and fix the Great Breaks. He experienced Remnants that were, essentially, nothing.

In the Books Edit

AMutiny in Time Edit

In A Mutiny in Time, Riq joined Dak and Sera on their mission to fix the Great Breaks. He and Dak originally don't get along very well and make fun of each other.

The Trap Door Edit

In The Trap Door, Riq reunites his ancestor, Kissy, with her husband as part of fixing the Break, as originally Kissy remarried and gave birth to Riq's great-great-great grandfather. Because Riq made sure Kissy never had to remarry, he became an anomaly, meaning he technically shouldn't exist, and can't go back to the future, though he can continue fixing the Breaks.

Curse of the Ancients Edit

In Curse of the Ancients, Riq meets and develops a crush on Kisa, a Mayan girl, and tells her about the Hystorians and the Great Breaks. Although he originally wants to stay with her and abandon his mission, Kisa tells him to go and continue it. Kisa later became the first Hystorian of the area.

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