Arin Cole is a Hystorian. She is in charge of creating the Hystorian's Guide for each Break. She first appears in A Mutiny in Time.

Arin Cole
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown

Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Blond
Appears In A Mutiny in Time

Cave of Wonders


Affiliation Hystorian

A Mutiny in Time

Arin's first appearance is in the Hystorian headquarters. She is stressed because she found soup packages from an unknown Hystorian, and she isn't sure if it is a clue.

Cave of Wonders

Arin makes a brief apperance in the begining of Cave of Wonders. When Dak, Sera and Riq select information on the Baghdad Break, Arin, Brint and Mari appear briefly. Arin explains that they don't have information on the Hystorians and SQ of the era. Arin also tells them that they'll need to return to the present to get an updated SQuare after they fix the Break.


Arin's last apperance in the books is in the begining of Eternity. Since the timeline was chaged, she doesn't know about the existence of the Hystorians. Dak encounters her when pursuiting a pterosaur. She was carrying a novel. Instead of science books, she was carrying teen vampire books. She threatens to call the cops and Dak leaves.


Arin narrates a small summary at the begining of all the missions, except in Episode 8.


  • Arin's face is feature in the Episode 8, as the icon.